What we do

Design, consulting and engineering

Design, consulting and engineering

Tehnokom offers engineering services and solutions for power, process and industrial plants and facilities - from conceptual ideas, detailed planning and designing through the project execution and management.

Our design office develops project documentation covering all professions; mechanical, structural, piping, electrical, instrumentation and process, occupational safety, fire and explosion protection.

Based on design engineering we execute projects and focuses on disciplines like planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific goals within time, quality and budget.

Operation and maintenance of energy systems

Operation and maintenance of energy systems

Tehnokom offers operations and maintenance services of energy plants and systems, with a special focus on energy savings, cost reduction and environmental protection. Through the process of constant monitoring and by introducing new solutions as well as implementing energy efficiency, we are improving overall energy system performance.

Our expert team, consisting of professional specialists with appropriate training, top knowledge and skills, are responsible for smooth operation functioning.

Equipment delivery, installation and service

Equipment delivery, installation and service

Our knowledge and long experience in the field of thermal energy gave us the opportunity to offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability and efficiency. System reliability and efficiency is a one of the key elements to any lucrative energy management.

We carefully select adequate equipment, supervise installation and commissioning, also offering maintenance, inspection and remote monitoring of supplied equipment. With after sales services we ensure strong partnerships by keeping a constant focus on maintaining and strengthening a long-term relationship with existing and new customers.

Equipment we provide >>

Tehnokom has specialized in equipment sale for industrial power stations, especially steam / condensate systems (valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control);

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  • Traps and valves for steam and condensate systems
  • Boiler plants automation systems
  • Special equipment and systems for heat recovery
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  • Control valves
  • Analog and digital positioners
  • Pneumatic actuators
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  • Level measurements (Visual level indicators & Tank level instruments)

For the HVAC systems we are offering heating and cooling equipment with the latest technology for energy savings and efficiency from the renowned makers;

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  • Gas absorption heat pumps + renewable energy sources (air, ground, water)
  • Gas absorption chillers
  • Wall mounted gas fired unit heaters
  • Independent gas fired convectors
  • Natural evaporative cooler
  • Condensing boilers
  • Air Handler units
  • Air barrier
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  • Water-Fired Chiller/Chiller-Heater
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  • Fan heaters, mixing chambers and destratificators
  • Air curtains and gate curtain
  • Ductless ventilation with heat recovery
  • Rooftop units with heat recovery
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  • Centrifugal fan coil unit
  • Tangential fan coil unit
  • Cassette fan coil unit
  • Wall mounted fan coil unit
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  • Heat Pumps
  • Heat recovery ventilation systems
  • VRF systems for both heating and cooling
  • Multi split systems for both heating and cooling
  • Single split systems for both heating and cooling
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Who we are

About us

Tehnokom Ltd. is a company established in 1990. in Zagreb, specialised in a new technology, engineering and trade, offering services in the field of energy and process techniques.

Based on our expertise and years of experience we provide complete technical solutions and optimisations of power and process plants in the Energy and Industrial sector.

Over the years, the company has built a reputation with its blue-chip client base as a provider of high-quality services, recognized for its dedication towards excellence, innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Our potential lies in our highly qualified, competent, multidisciplinary teams of experts. We have set high standards which we achieve by constantly improving our organization, through continuous training of our experts and investing in the work environment and software tools.


To provide the best services to our customers and partners based on energy efficiency, responsibility for environment and preservation of natural resources through our knowledge, innovation and ethics.


To be among leading engineering companies in our field of expertise, distinguished for our innovative technical solutions in energy and process engineering, for excellence in provision of our services, business relations and ethics with our Clients.


Tehnokom’s Quality Management System is maintained to meet the highest standards and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Our projects


  • Energy efficiency of schools - Feasibility studies
  • Reconstruction of the boiler room - Main design
  • Energy efficiency of hospitals - Feasibility studies
  • Renovation of the hotel facility and increasing energy efficiency - Main design
  • Reconstruction of HVAC installations and increasing the energy efficiency - Main design


  • Cogeneration plant biomass 7,2 MWe / 10 MWt - Main design
  • Cogeneration plant biomass 5 MWe / 10 MWt - Conceptual analysis of the feasibility of the construction
  • Heating and cooling facility, Stability rooms - Main design
  • Installation of absorption solar cooling and use of waste condensate - Detailed design
  • Reconstruction of steam distribution system - Detailed design
  • Steam production and distribution systems - Energy audit
  • Reconstruction of the cooling plant - Detailed Design

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
  • Reconstruction of petrol tank, capacity 20.000 m3 - Main design
  • Reconstruction of heat exchanger - Documentation for the approval
  • Rehabilitation of the pipeline without excavation, In - liner method - Consulting services
  • Installation of exhaust gas and air intake for the gas engine - Detailed design
  • Oily water separators on the production platforms - Detailed design
  • Reconstruction of gas storage facility - Documentation for the approval
  • Installation of booster compressor capacity 800.000 Sm3 / d - Detailed design


  • Facilities existing pipelines - High levels risk categorization
  • Booster compressor station for natural gas operation of the gas turbo engine 500 MW - Conceptual Design
  • Heat stations - Conceptual Design
  • Construction of biomass power plant 2 MW - Feasibility study
  • Construction of the power plant 400 MW - Feasibility study
  • Wastewater system - Documentation for tendering
  • Reconstruction of condensate pipe VT heater, feed water tank - Detailed Design
  • Water demineralization plant 2 x 100 m3 / h - Detailed Design